Ningbo Saihua New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Multi-function Jump Starter
The World #1
- 12000mAh Battery Capacity
- 500A PEAK Cracking Amps
- Main Working Lamp
- Emergency Warning Light
- Flashlight/SOS Signal Light
- Magnet Based
- IP64
Jump & Light
Folding Solar Charger
Charge any USB or 12-Volt device

- Ideal for hiking, camping, traveling, emergency    power situations and a variety of outdoor activities

- Charges cell phones, digital cameras, GPS          systems, and other USB devices

- Portable with lightweight and compact design

- Fully weatherproof design
Power For Free
Solar Power Bulb
- Solar Panel
- Super Bright
- USB Output
- Handy Hook
-Convenient Switch

My - Lights
Plug & Play
Power For Free

Solar Power Bulb

Solar Home
                              Lighting System
HLS - Solar Home Lighting System
- Solar panel : high efficient

- LEDs: 3 bright light LEDs

- Option for 4th electrical appliance (LED/Fan/other)

- USB for Mobile charger

- Battery: higher version of lithium battery used

- Modes: two modes (Turbo and Medium)

- Back up: 20+ hours non stop

- Easily portable

- Light weight
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